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Kongsfjord is at a latitude of 70° 52`, on the Varanger peninsula in Finnmark, Norway`s most northerly province. To the north there is the Barents Sea, which is part of Arctic Ocean, to the west and to the east there are deep fjords with steep walls that are exposed to moderate to strong tidal currents, which provide us with some serious drift dives.

Kongsfjordelva (a river which flows into Kongsfjorden) is recognised and protected as a spawning ground for Atlantic salmon.

The white coral Lophelia pertusa reaches its most northerly known distribution in the Arctic Ocean. During the second world war our part of the world was of great strategic importance, only the waters around Malta have seen more action than the stretch of coastline between Murmansk and the North Cape. Many wrecks are still waiting to be discovered.

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